Spiritual Growth

sub_page201_picture0 Following Jesus is the easiest difficult thing I’ve ever done.  I think it’s true for everyone.

And I also think it’s true that we’re not meant to do this alone.  We’re meant for community.  We’re meant for lifting each other up.  And so, friend, I offer a few small words in hopes that together we can continue on in this journey together.  May they be uplifting and challenging as Jesus teaches us to be more like him.



12 Ways God Works for Us

Rising Above the Storm: Dealing With Pain

Beautiful Nothingness

Staying Power: 5 Steps for Biblical Meditation

The Call

Easter: The Joy of Suffering

Accountability: Getting Rid of the Grime in Your Heart

The Devil Inside Me

Gardens and Thorns

Mentors and mentees

The Yearning

My Inner Struggle

Soul sickness

Letting Go and Hanging On

Crossing the Jordan

Trying to be Still… And Usually Failing

The filling

White Caps and White Knuckles




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