Eva’s Tips for Trans-Atlantic Flights

Trans-Atlantic flights can be gruesome, especially if you’re not used to it.  So, here are my tips for making it as enjoyable as possible. 1.  Pack your carry-ons well.  In your roller carry-on, put an extra set of clothes.  This will be vital if luggage is lost. Know the airline’s limit on weight and size.  In the US, they’re … More Eva’s Tips for Trans-Atlantic Flights

Temper Tantrums

Another great post by the infamous Kathy Cunsolo! I’m not naturally violent person, but once every 15 years or so I just let myself express my feelings. My 15 year cycle must have been up this morning. Honestly, sometimes in life the inner volcano just needs to vent. So I decided to toss two chairs … More Temper Tantrums


My husband and I volunteer at an English center downtown.  This week we’re hosting students from a university in the US and doing an English-class version of speed dating.  Basically, each teacher spends about 15-20 minutes with 2-4 students discussing a particular topic.   Last night, one of the topics was fear.  I asked the … More Fear