Becoming an Expert

Recently my husband and I went on vacation for a few days in Prague. I know – Prague. But we live overseas so we can find super cheap flights.

Anyway, while there, my wonderful husband treated me to a beautiful concert at St. Nicholas Church – a church made famous because Mozart played there. Amazing.

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Some airlines…


My husband and I travel a lot. At least we think four continents in four weeks is more than average.

For this travel we spend a significant portion of our lives flying on various airlines. We try to stick with one major airline partnership (miles add up to trips home!), but even so there are lots of airlines going lots of places.

Here are some of our observations:

Some airlines serve hot rolls throughout their transatlantic flight.
Some airlines serve canned peas and carrots in mayonnaise.

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My Home


Moving to a new city means hours of wandering around finding this store or that necessity. The other day I had a specific list of places to find as I dodged mopeds, hopped over the results of donkey carts pausing for passers by to look at the owner’s wares, avoided strange puddles in this desert city, and averted my eyes from young men trying to get my attention.

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Crossing the Pond: Reflections on Life and Luggage

I’m writing this from the back of a taxi. Frantically typing while traditional Arab music drones on the background and my taxi driver interjects with Arabic words he thinks I should know. All the while trying not to be crushed by my luggage.

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Dealing with Motion Sickness: Advice From a Recovering Sick Traveler

motion sicknessI travel for a living.  And I suffer.  Greatly.  Cars, boats, buses, trains, planes, even camels make me turn eight shades of green.  While my husband is pointing out beautiful scenery as we speed down the road, I grunt a response as I concentrate on not losing the fantastic lunch we had from a great local diner.

A few years ago I took non-drowsy Dramamine for a Trans-Atlantic flight.  I didn’t get sick.  But I also have no recollection of the several hour layover I had in Europe.  I remember taking off in DC and then nothing until I woke up when we started landing in Beirut.  Somewhere in there I changed planes.  This is no good when you travel alone.

Then I moved to Bonine.  This is a great little medicine that kept me from spewing my “gourmet” dinner all over the tiny bathroom.  But, it did make me tired.  Not sleepy enough to pass out like Dramamine, but still irritating.  This is why I only took it when I flew rather than when we were on a road trip or ferry ride.  So that left me to suffer on every other mode of transportation.

A few weeks ago I decided to try out Sea Bands.  I’m generally skeptical of things like this but I was desperate.  Travel is part of my life.  Spending a significant portion of it sick makes it a lot less enjoyable.  I put them on for several road trips my husband and I took through some mountains recently.  Normally this would set me over the edge.  But these magical little bracelets changed everything.  I was looking out the windows pointing out birds and seeing all the beauty of God’s creation.  And without any grogginess.


Now to see how they fair on planes.  Maybe I’ll actually be able to read!

What do you use for motion sickness?

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