Becoming an Expert

Recently my husband and I went on vacation for a few days in Prague. I know – Prague. But we live overseas so we can find super cheap flights. Anyway, while there, my wonderful husband treated me to a beautiful concert at St. Nicholas Church – a church made famous because Mozart played there. Amazing.

Some airlines…

My husband and I travel a lot. At least we think four continents in four weeks is more than average. For this travel we spend a significant portion of our lives flying on various airlines. We try to stick with one major airline partnership (miles add up to trips home!), but even so there are … More Some airlines…

My Home

Moving to a new city means hours of wandering around finding this store or that necessity. The other day I had a specific list of places to find as I dodged mopeds, hopped over the results of donkey carts pausing for passers by to look at the owner’s wares, avoided strange puddles in this desert … More My Home

Dealing with Motion Sickness: Advice From a Recovering Sick Traveler

I travel for a living.  And I suffer.  Greatly.  Cars, boats, buses, trains, planes, even camels make me turn eight shades of green.  While my husband is pointing out beautiful scenery as we speed down the road, I grunt a response as I concentrate on not losing the fantastic lunch we had from a great … More Dealing with Motion Sickness: Advice From a Recovering Sick Traveler