Childless Mother’s Day

ChildlessMother's Day
For the childless wife, Mother’s Day can be excruciating. All the flowers and cards and well wishes for very deserving women in churches and restaurants and homes all across America serve as one more reminder that those of us longing for children are yet again on the outside.
It’s not an easy day for me. It’s a day I try to stay busy and forget until it’s time for me to call my mom and sister and wish them a Happy Mother’s Day.
But I wonder if there is another way to deal with Mother’s Day?

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The Call to Sacrifice

Early every morning, the local muezzin begins his call, asking all those who hear him to pray.  I’ve lived here long enough now, that it doesn’t usually wake me up anymore.  However, this morning was a little different. The call was markedly louder than usual and the usual muezzin was replaced by someone very talented in his singing/chanting.  Today marks the day thousands of sheep will lose their lives as local Muslims commemorate Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice and the end of the hajj to Mecca.  Some have fasted the day before, believing that doing so will absolve them from the sins of the past year.

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My Home


Moving to a new city means hours of wandering around finding this store or that necessity. The other day I had a specific list of places to find as I dodged mopeds, hopped over the results of donkey carts pausing for passers by to look at the owner’s wares, avoided strange puddles in this desert city, and averted my eyes from young men trying to get my attention.

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Release the Blonde

A girl has a special relationship with her hair stylist. I’ve had the same person in my hometown for years. I know all about her life and she mine.  She knows my head and hair and I always leave her chair a new person.  However, moving to the Middle East has made finding a hair person a bit of a challenge.  Understanding my light-brown, fine Northern European hair which is very different from the black, thick tresses of my Arab counterparts.  So, I look for the places that other expatriates frequent.  

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Crossing the Pond: Reflections on Life and Luggage

I’m writing this from the back of a taxi. Frantically typing while traditional Arab music drones on the background and my taxi driver interjects with Arabic words he thinks I should know. All the while trying not to be crushed by my luggage.

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