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It’s for the Birds

Another great post from Kathy Cunsolo!



Normally I walk around my neighborhood in the evenings. Well, I used to. I’m attempting to pick the habit back up after a long hiatus due to bad weather and laziness. So to change it up, I decided to walk the earlier hours of the morning. I am not a good sleeper so 5:OO am seemed the perfect time.

To my surprise the entire animal world is awake and NOISY!!!
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The Day I Washed a Fish

I have, over the space of a couple months, developed a relationship with a new found friend. It all began the day my youngest daughter introduced me to Red. At the time I didn’t think I had time to foster a new friend as needy as Red—or so I thought. Red, I found out, was truly a treasure. With his quiet reserved nature, Red proved to be the best listener I have ever met. Red is a fish.

red betta fish

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All Things in Moderation

It’s another hilarious post from Kathy Cunsolo!

I JOINED A GYM!!!!   I and my husband have never been to a gym in our lives. Well, we have been in the church gym a lot, but that visit usually involves food (wedding receptions, after the funeral food, etc). We both hurried out to the nearest Wal-market and bought the proper attire. Unfortunately, Dave accidentally  bought “break-away” pants. We had no idea there was such a thing. PANTS SHOULD NEVER “BREAK AWAY.”

Well, we just won’t talk anymore about the pants thing. Besides, my outfit is cute: pink and black.  I thought of maybe just putting it on and walking around my neighborhood to get used to it, but I didn’t want to fall into the pride pit. So I decided to wait until we actually got to the gym. However, I did find out later that “real” gym clothes are just old  tee-shirts and ratty used-up shorts.

I must confess, I like being a gymnast.  The machines are fascinating – buttons everywhere!! I thought the sweet little gym employee was so attentive. Every time I started pushing buttons or using a new machine she was there by my side helping me. I noticed I was her “new favorite.”

I’m thinking of letting my hair grow. Most of the gym  girls have ponytails (some guys too).  Their hair flips back and forth every time they take a step. I might even get one of those cute giant bows to wear, too. I noticed all the cheer-leader/athletic type girls wear them.

DAY TWO: Ouch! Something hurts!

My daughter, Angela, asked me if I had stretched before I tried out the machines. No, I figured that’s what the machines were for.

Moral of the story: Do all things in moderation. Too much of a good thing can lead to pain. The good Lord wants me to think before I act. *sigh*

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Go Big or Go Home

So here is guest blog number two. And I do mean number TWO.

My daughter and son-in-law and have been working tirelessly on the concept of potty-training with my now three-year-old grandson.  He’s a brilliant little guy with short legs that can run like the wind. I know because I have tried to catch him to place him on said “potty.”

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How to Get a New Look

This is a guest post from one of my favorite people, Kathy Cunsolo. If you know her, you know she’s hysterical and inspirational all at the same time. Enjoy!

I’ve been asked to be a “guest” blogger on my dear friend’s blog thingy. To be honest I have never blogged before. I have been a guest though. Do the same rules apply? I’m guessing good manners and self control are encouraged. *sigh*

God once told me I make him laugh. I wasn’t sure how He meant it, but I chose to believe it could be a good thing. Sometimes it seems there is not a lot of stuff to laugh about. Unless you can laugh at yourself and lately such has been the case. *sigh again* Continue reading

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