Childless Mother’s Day

ChildlessMother's Day
For the childless wife, Mother’s Day can be excruciating. All the flowers and cards and well wishes for very deserving women in churches and restaurants and homes all across America serve as one more reminder that those of us longing for children are yet again on the outside.
It’s not an easy day for me. It’s a day I try to stay busy and forget until it’s time for me to call my mom and sister and wish them a Happy Mother’s Day.
But I wonder if there is another way to deal with Mother’s Day?

A few years ago I was on my way in to an Arab church on a Sunday morning. It happened to be Arab Mother’s Day which is celebrated in March. The pastor’s wife was handing out little corsages for all the moms. I was single then and went to just walk into the sanctuary but the pastor’s wife stopped me. “You are a mother,” she said. I looked at her quizzically because she knew I was single and had no children. “Think of all the people in your life you have led to The Lord, all the ones you have discipled. You are a mother.” And she proceeded to pin a corsage to my shirt.

And so for this Mother’s Day I choose to embrace the fact that I am a mother. Maybe not in the traditional sense, but certainly in the spiritual one. And I can choose to be thankful for my spiritual children who are my joy.
wishing a

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