Some airlines…


My husband and I travel a lot. At least we think four continents in four weeks is more than average.

For this travel we spend a significant portion of our lives flying on various airlines. We try to stick with one major airline partnership (miles add up to trips home!), but even so there are lots of airlines going lots of places.

Here are some of our observations:

Some airlines serve hot rolls throughout their transatlantic flight.
Some airlines serve canned peas and carrots in mayonnaise.

Some airlines give two bags and a full meal on the flight.
Some airlines charge for all bags and meals.

Some airlines give you little stickers to put on your seat saying I’d rather sleep than eat.
Some airlines ask customers to wake their neighbors for the meal even though they don’t know them. (And really, is the meal worth it? I think not.)

Some airlines have a wide range of entertainment to choose from.
Some airlines don’t censor their entertainment.

Some airlines take safety seriously.
Some airlines have flight attendants standing and taking pictures with customers while we land.

Some airlines forbid any and all baggage or items around the emergency exit during landing.
Some airlines shrug it off as unimportant.

Some airlines board in an orderly fashion according to a system.
Some airlines just wait for the mob to form by the door.

Some airlines show their safety video prior to take off.
Some airlines wait until we’re near cruising altitude for the video.

All airlines are non-smoking.
Some airlines smell like cigarette smoke after awhile.

Some airlines give complementary soft drinks and water.
Some airlines charge even for water.

Some airlines are like a cruise ship in the sky.
Some airlines aren’t.

What’s your experience with airlines? Any favorites?

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