A Day in My Life


Ever wonder what an expat does all day? Here’s a day in my life:

  • Exercised to a DVD.
  • Showered and ate breakfast and then hung a load of laundry outside.
  • Had time with Jesus.
  • Said goodbye to hubby as he left.
  • Had coffee with a colleague to talk about work, life, future and the Holy Spirit.
  • Walked to the grocery store. The electricity was off, so it was closed. Decided to visit a friend’s shop to chat. Left with a new tunic.
  • Folded laundry and hung another load. Contemplated cleaning the balcony. Decided against it. Looked at my plants and became sad that they have to stay outside since our house is too dark. Then became thankful for a dark house in 110 degree weather.
  • Started some office work. Discovered I was out of internet on my phone so switched to non-internet work. Tried not to be frustrated that we still don’t have internet at home.
  • Started this blog.
  • Hubby came home as I was leaving to see if the grocery store had electricity. It did! Bought a week’s worth of groceries and left without them happy that a guy on a scooter would bring them to my door within the hour. Was told by a guy on the street that I’m “fantasteek.”
  • Ran into a friend on the way home and had tea in her shop. Hoped hubby was still home in case the grocery delivery came.
  • Talked with hubby for a few minutes as we waited for the groceries to arrive.
  • Groceries came.
  • Changed out of my Muslim-appropriate clothes into shorts and a t-shirt. Washed my face, hands and feet.
  • Put the groceries away. Washed the fruits and veggies in vinegar and water. Chopped some fruit for a fruit salad. Chopped some veggies for snacking.
  • Realized a tomato had gone bad in the fridge. Washed out the veggie thing.
  • My fridge leaks inside onto the top shelf. Realized it had been a few days since I emptied it. Spilled water all over the floor getting the shelf out. Was ok with it since the floor needed cleaning anyway.
  • Hubby left for the office again to get some things fine while no one was there.
  • Changed back into my Muslim-appropriate clothes to walk to the cell phone store to get more internet. Realized I forgot to put makeup on. Decided it was too hot to care.
  • While I waited at the cell phone store I completed the sudoku puzzle at the bottom of the number they gave me. Then I waited more. Realized I forgot to bring water with me and I was super thirsty. Thought about going across the street and getting a bottle of water from a dukan but was afraid I’d lose my place in the long line.
  • Walked home and tried to call my mom’s cell phone through Skype. When she didn’t pick up I realized it was mid-morning on the East coast and she was teaching. I laughed at her voicemail message and instantly regretted it when I got several, “heeelllllooooo” and “whass your name” comments from guys around me.
  • Got home and drank a half liter of water because I was so parched.
  • Washed my hands, feet and face again.
  • Changed back into shorts and a t-shirt and then realized I needed to get the clothes off the line. Decided it could wait until it cooled off a bit.
  • Made a sandwich for dinner since hubby was working late and it was too hot to think about heating up leftovers.
  • Watched “Oscar” while working on work financial junk and eating dinner.
  • Changed back into Muslim appropriate clothes to bring the laundry in and fold it.
  • Changed into pajamas.
  • Then the hubby came home and we chatted about the day before collapse into bed completely exhausted and looking forward to tomorrow.

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