Preparing for Ramadan

Yesterday millions of Muslims began their yearly 30-day fast for the month of Ramadan.  It is a strange time to be in the Middle East.  The rules are different.  Life is different. Yesterday, my friends went to their local market to buy tons of food in preparation for their first night’s futuur, the breaking of the fast. … More Preparing for Ramadan

My Home

Moving to a new city means hours of wandering around finding this store or that necessity. The other day I had a specific list of places to find as I dodged mopeds, hopped over the results of donkey carts pausing for passers by to look at the owner’s wares, avoided strange puddles in this desert … More My Home

12 Ways God Works for Us

<a href=””>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>   “God helps those who help themselves.” “Maybe you need more faith and that’s why you didn’t get [fill in the blank].” Lies. Tell that to my friend who was persecuted mercilessly by her family because she decided to follow Jesus. Tell that to my friends who were put … More 12 Ways God Works for Us