It’s for the Birds

Another great post from Kathy Cunsolo!



Normally I walk around my neighborhood in the evenings. Well, I used to. I’m attempting to pick the habit back up after a long hiatus due to bad weather and laziness. So to change it up, I decided to walk the earlier hours of the morning. I am not a good sleeper so 5:OO am seemed the perfect time.

To my surprise the entire animal world is awake and NOISY!!!

Birds of every species were screaming at each other. Knocking each other off the wires that criss-cross my entire neighborhood. Little bunnies sat in the middle of the sidewalk and stared at me. At one point I thought I was in a independant version of Alfred Hichcocks’ “The Birds.” Two robins followed me my entire walk and at one point flew down and walked almost hand in hand (or rather wing in wing) in front of me!

Now I was getting a little unnerved. Picking up my pace, I finally arrived at the locally elementary school not far from the sanctuary of my quiet home.

Then “IT ” happened: HUGE black, cawing birds began communicating back and forth. I believe now that they were planning a strategic attack on my person just for the fun of it!

At first I had noticed an inordinate amount of bird poo everywhere. A sure sign I should have turned back and took my chances with the robins and bunnies. But noooo , I continue my walk dodging the blobs being dropped from above.

I guess since I didn’t get the “message” they decided to up the “ante.”

On extremely large and obnoxious blackbird took aim and attempted to peck my head! He was huge (obviously an alpha male–alpha bird–whatever.) I have to say I was totally freaked out.

I did make it home, but my quiet time with God had been ruined. Between the noise, the busybody birds, the needy bunnies and dive bombing crows, my entire walk was a picture of distractions and terror.

It is now 6:37 am and I am tucking myself back in bed. I think early walks are for the birds, literally.

I could almost hear God smiling. Life is rarely the quiet, safe place we seek. It tends to be messy, full of activity and occasionally dangerous.

Lying here in my comfortable bed I’m not so sure if i’ll try my early walk again. And I can almost hear God say, “WIMP!” *sigh*

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