Dream Killer, Part 8: Lessons Learned

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Dream Killer

Lesson from Job: The world is a mess.
Lesson from Abraham: You can’t control everything.
Lesson from Joseph: Have patience.
Lesson from Jonah: Love and obey.
Lesson from John the Baptist: Suffering affirms or rejects your faith.
Lesson from Paul: Suffering builds perseverance, character, and hope.

The Biblical characters who truly suffered, Abraham, Moses, Job, David Paul, and others cried out to God in their anguish. They didn’t do anything to create the atrocity accept follow God’s direction. And they were met with famine, a murmuring people, devastation, a life on the run and death. The suffering was part of the plan. The suffering was part of the good. The suffering was because they were called to something deeper, something greater.

Suffering isn’t all there is. Death isn’t the end. The caterpillar does become the butterfly. The seed that gives its life becomes a beautiful plant. There is a purpose. Even in this.

Then, when the storm is over, and you’re surrounded by chaos and debris, it’s time to clean up and move forward.

Faith is a bridge over which we can cross all the unknown waters of tomorrow. Amish proverb

The cup of sorrow, inconceivable as it seems, is also the cup of joy. Only when we discover this in our own life can we consider drinking it. Henri Nouwen


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