Temper Tantrums

Another great post by the infamous Kathy Cunsolo!

I’m not naturally violent person, but once every 15 years or so I just let myself express my feelings. My 15 year cycle must have been up this morning. Honestly, sometimes in life the inner volcano just needs to vent. So I decided to toss two chairs over the church railing into some bushes.

I know, it sounds random. But it felt good. The chairs were broken and extremely uncomfortable. They definitely deserved their fate. But when I hoisted them up and over the 2nd floor railing the door behind me suddenly shut and locked me out of the church. *sigh* The temporary feeling of justified release was now gone. As I stood there I realised two cars had pulled up on the parking lot and the occupants had wittnessed my tantrum.
One co-worker looked shocked while the other quietly opened the door for me .

I had every intention of dragging the chairs to the dumpster after the fit, but it was now too late. My cover had been blown.


The real truth is that we all do at sometime in our life.

God knows this. I’m quite sure he doesn’t necessarily approve of people throwing furniture over railings as a rule, but I do know I have his attention with or without the drama.

So why do we go through trials in our lives? I’m not sure. But I am sure God takes situations in our lives and uses them to make us stronger.By now some of us should be musclebound.

I’m going to end this mini blog and go take a couple of muscle relaxers. For some reason my back is acting up…

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