Cleaning the House One Day at a Time

I live in the desert.  It’s extremely dirty here.  Dirty like you wouldn’t believe.  It just blows through the air.

So I’ve declared a war on dirt.

For my first week I lost every battle.  Terribly.  There was a lot of collateral damage.  This was the dirt my sweet husband swept up in one week.  Gross.



So obviously, something had to change drastically.  I simply can’t spend a day cleaning and expect our apartment to remain dust and dirt free for the rest of the week.

So, to the internet I went in search of ideas for how to clean more efficiently.  After spending some precious time doing that, I decided that cleaning for 15-30 minutes every day would be my answer.

At the bottom of this post is my schedule for cleaning each week.  It’s posted on our fridge so I remember and so my husband knows what’s being cleaned that day and can help as he has time.

You’ll notice that I have Sabbath Rest on Fridays.  In the Middle East Sunday is a work day and Friday is like Sunday in the US.  So, my week gets changed up.  You’ll also notice that I have errands and groceries twice a week.  I don’t have a car (really not a deal at all since I live in a HUGE city) and so I carry my groceries home.  They’re heavy.  But the idea is still the same: certain things that need to be done every day like dishes and the floors and other things that need to be done regularly like the bathrooms.  So now I don’t have to worry about taking half a day to clean my house but do small things in the moments of transition I have and find that my house stays cleaner longer.

I’m committed to winning this battle.

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 11.35.36 AM


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