Go Big or Go Home

So here is guest blog number two. And I do mean number TWO.

My daughter and son-in-law and have been working tirelessly on the concept of potty-training with my now three-year-old grandson.  He’s a brilliant little guy with short legs that can run like the wind. I know because I have tried to catch him to place him on said “potty.”

My husband (a.k.a, Grampy) decided he would take a crack at the problem. Peter has for a long time admired his Grampy’s wristwatch. He loves placing it around his little wrist (well,more like upper arm) since he was old enough to grab. He was always gifted at grabbing. Even as a wee little guy he would grab at noses, eyes, glasses, and anything his older sister had.

So, Grampy had a revelation! He decided to search the internet for an exact copy of his own watch for the little nonconformist.  It took days to find just the right little ole man watch. Most kiddie watches have some kind of cartoon figure or super hero emblazoned on them. These were NOT cool enough for dear Peter. It must resemble Grampy’s old man watch as closely as possible. Then YUREKA!  My husband came zooming up the staircase (well, that’s an exaggeration – he really just sort of “clumped” because no one at our age zooms we just clump a little faster than normal).

“I found it!” Sure enough, Dave got to the end of the internet and found the elusive prize!       Surely sweet little Peter will be so grateful and astounded he will instantly do his “duty” in the tiny unimposing potty we had placed right next to the large imposing potty.

Indeed, the minuscule man-watch was a sight to behold. It even had a glow in the dark button. (Dave kept pushing it and really didn’t give me a chance. I love buttons.)

Anyhoo, dear little Peter Dude was indeed impressed. He wanted the watch! He promised to do the deed for the watch. So we left his little bottom on the potty and gave him some privacy. We could here him in there talking to Red the fish from the other side of the bathroom door. Red the fish resides in my bathroom right next to the potty. He likes the whooshing sound the toiliet makes when flushed. It reminds him of his childhood home.

After a brief conversation with Red (fish are doers not talkers), Peter let out a yell: ”I can’t do this! Someone needs to show me how!!!

I looked at Dave. He was already clumping down the hall. “You can show him how. I”ll never fit on that potty.”  “Well, I’m not going to do it either!” I replied. Peter is still yelling “I need help! I don’t know how to put the poopy in the potty!”  So, I decide to go in and confront the problem.

“Its ok Peter-dooder. It’s probably better to put your poopy in your own potty at home. Daddy will show you how.”  “Yeah. DO I GET A GRAMPY GLOW WATCH?”

The old man glow watch is still in Dave’s office downstairs. I secretly believe Dave is in awe of its glowing abilities. Sort of like the watch superman would wear, or maybe the Green Lantern (maybe people would have liked the Green Lantern superhero if he had had a glow in the dark watch).

Anyhow, we are still waiting for the “BIG ONE” to happen. Dave and I are not  bringing  the subject up much anymore.

So, the moral to this little  non-adventure: GO BIG AT YOUR HOME.

Sometimes I think its easier to do things at home, like getting real with God. I’ve had some of my best moments with God at home rather than anywhere else. Talk to him; He knows where you live.

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