Eva’s Tips for Trans-Atlantic Flights

Trans-Atlantic flights can be gruesome, especially if you’re not used to it.  So, here are my tips for making it as enjoyable as possible. 1.  Pack your carry-ons well.  In your roller carry-on, put an extra set of clothes.  This will be vital if luggage is lost. Know the airline’s limit on weight and size.  In the US, they’re … More Eva’s Tips for Trans-Atlantic Flights

Temper Tantrums

Another great post by the infamous Kathy Cunsolo! I’m not naturally violent person, but once every 15 years or so I just let myself express my feelings. My 15 year cycle must have been up this morning. Honestly, sometimes in life the inner volcano just needs to vent. So I decided to toss two chairs … More Temper Tantrums

The Call

I wonder if we do ourselves a disservice by emphasizing “the call” as it relates to missions or ministry assignment. Aside from the Macedonian Call of Acts 16, the “call” as we articulate it doesn’t exist in Scripture.  For my entire young life, I remember hearing missionaries share their “call” to various far off and … More The Call