Top Ten Reasons You Know It’s Ramadan

10. Searching throughout the city for any open restaurant, cafe, hole in wall, whatever, that’s open prior to Iftar.
9. Sending out and receiving regular updates on what places are open before Iftar.
8. Business meetings that start at 9pm because everyone’s too tired to meet while they’re fasting.

7. Knowing what Iftar means and organizing your entire schedule around this blessed time.
6. Ramadan Kareem = give me more money to a taxi driver
5. Looking at Ramadan lights and pretending it’s Christmastime. That blinking crescent moon could be a star, right?
4. The daily mantra: It’s Ramadan – don’t drink anything outside. It’s Ramadan – don’t drink anything outside. Or grill. We can’t grill yet.
3. Rush hour at midnight.
2. Crazy Ramadan promotions at grocery stores. Of course I need 20kg of rice. Who doesn’t?
1. The absolute silence when the call to eat goes. All that is heard is the scraping of utensils on ridiculously full plates as those faithful to the fast attempt to eat an entire day’s calories in one sitting. I think it should be an Olympic sport – it takes great dedication, planning and stamina to accomplish this feat.

Bonus activity: make up fun Ramadan songs to other tunes to help get through the day: silver moon, silver moon, it’s Ramadan in the city. You cannot eat or even drink, even though it’s really hot. (To the tune of Silver Bells.)

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