Mentors and mentees

I love the story of Elijah. It’s so dramatic. He raises a widow’s son from the dead, he calls down fire from heaven that burns up a drenched sacrifice and showing The Lord as God and Baal as nothing more than a disturbing idea. Oh to have been there on that mountain to see the looks on the faces of the people! But even more, God supernaturally touches Elijah’s feet and he outran a chariot. Then he’s supernaturally fed twice by an angel.

(On a side note, I wonder what that food tasted like? I often picture food in heaven like Haagan Daaz ice cream or fudgy oatmeal bars, really anything gooey and chocolatey. Really, though, we are a sad imitation of heaven so the food will be infinitely better! Plus, no calories. How great is that?)

But after all this and then showing yourself to Elijah, he was still distraught.

He felt totally alone.

He was completely and totally abandoned to God knowing it could kill him. And yet depressed and wanting to die because be thought he was completely alone in this.

And God in his faithfulness and compassion met Elijah where he was on that mountain. He didn’t just show himself, he reassured him. He told him of the 7000 who had never bowed to Baal. And he told him of his successor, Elisha.

Elisha may have been mentored by Elijah, but I think Elijah needed Elisha.

And I think this is a universal truth. We need each other. And we are never truly alone.

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