The search for the right recipes continues

I recently started working full time at the cafe we own.  Well, I’ve been working full time on the cafe, but now it’s open so my hours are actually at the cafe rather than at my house.  This means leaving early in the morning and getting home in the evening.  To a hungry husband.  And an empty cupboard because I forgot to buy food for the house.  Oops.  

Today I decided to take this challenge on.  I will pre-make food on my day off and put it in our freezer and then this will never happen again. I will be organized.  I will overcome.

So, to google and pinterest I go to find great easy, healthy freezable recipes.  Only I don’t live in America.  I live in a land of halal food and fresh everything (except berries. We have no berries.  It’s tragic.) and boxed very little.  So when a breakfast casserole calls for a tube of Pillsbury buttermilk biscuits, I have to decide if it’s worth my time to make the dough myself first before constructing the rest of the recipe.  Further examination of the recipe shows a need for sweet sausage.  This one is out since I have never been able to find sweet sausage.  On to the next recipe.  Frozen broccoli?  Can I substitute fresh?  Will there be fresh  broccoli at the vegetable stand or is the incredibly short broccoli season over?  Too much thought.  This one is out.  Am I willing to use some of my contraband pepperoni someone so lovingly sent me from America for this dish?  Um, no.  It is not worthy.  

Looks like we’re eating lots of homemade pancakes and scrambled eggs until I can get a handle on this new schedule.  Oh well.  Thankfully my husband loves me anyway.

What are your favorite quick recipes?

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