Seemingly insignificant decisions

I have a beautiful silver necklace that says, “for the glory of God” in Arabic. I wear it often. Many people complement me on it.

And then there’s today.

I chose this necklace because it went nicely with my outfit. Just a necklace, no big deal. Until I find myself standing in front of the first wave of security in Israel. Oops. Now I have to explain why I’m wearing this necklace and what it means. To multiple people. Who then wonder why I know Arabic. All because of a simple decision I made to wear a necklace.

But because of our little delay thanks to my pretty necklace, we then found ourselves on a shuttle next to a guy whose nephews attend the school where my husband used to teach. Wrap your head around that! So, in the Arab way, he insisted on taking us directly to our destination. No taxi needed. Score one for Arab hospitality.

Take that necklace haters.

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