My husband and I volunteer at an English center downtown.  This week we’re hosting students from a university in the US and doing an English-class version of speed dating.  Basically, each teacher spends about 15-20 minutes with 2-4 students discussing a particular topic.  

Last night, one of the topics was fear.  I asked the question, “Is there an animal you’re afraid of?”  Then I proceeded to talk about my time in Africa and my great fear of green mambas.  Right off the bat, the first guy looks at me wide-eyed and says, “DOGS!”  “All dogs?” I countered.  “YES!”  “Even this sweet little dog?” I asked as I showed him a picture of my dog from my phone.  (Notice the pictures of the dog below.  She couldn’t scare a flea.) “I’m sure she’s very nice to you, but look at her teeth!”

The ironic thing is that Eloise (the dog) is scared of everything: leaves, wind, snow, etc.  And feels that all people are her personal best friends.  She is also no longer my dog, but lives with a beautiful family in America since I am in the Mid East.  My debt of gratitude to them for taking such good care of this sweet little dog will never be redeemed.




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