Until I moved to this country, I always took public transportation. More than once I worried for my life. Especially when trying to convince the taxi driver that lights are important after dark and they don’t use any more gas. Or when they’re trying to convince me that going to their house to meet their family (and agree to some sort of marriage proposal) is a much better idea than going to whatever place I had previously determined. In those moments, I get out and find another taxi.

No, now I’m empowered. I can drive. And the moments where I feel I’m taking my life into my hands have increased. I’ve never actually watched NASCAR, but I image it’s very similar to what I experience every day. When traffic gets insane in a taxi, I can just close my eyes and pray for it to be over soon. (Like the time the driver took 10 minutes for a ride that should’ve taken 30, weaving in and out of traffic to the beat of his gangster music.) Unfortunately, I must keep my eyes open at all times while driving. No matter who horrified I am by the guy going in reverse up the ramp to the highway. Even if I feel like everyone else is driving blindfolded. I must keep my eyes open because I get cut off, people turn without looking, and go the wrong way down one ways.

It’s so true in life, too. I can choose to walk around with my eyes shut to everything hoping to be blinded to anything unsavory. The problem is then I miss so much, like that awesome sign that says “Muscle Factory” or donkey cart with a hand made license plate or a beautiful God-made sunset.

Sure, life is ugly. There are atrocities around every corner. But there is also so much to laugh about and admire. So, I choose to enter the race with eyes wide open knowing that my gracious Heavenly Father will guide and protect me as I observe all that’s around me. And I’ll be more thankful for the dead stop traffic when I can catch my breath for a moment.

Note pictures from my life: (the camel was “parked” at a gas station)



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