You can’t make this stuff up…

We’re opening a business in the Middle East.  Occasionally the process is less than “normal” and borderline crazy.  Our most recent hiccups has to do with our year long battle to get electricity turned on.  We finally got all the necessary approvals, paperwork, and construction done, including a HUGE box that is water proof attached to the wall.  Now, we can’t get “electrified” because our neighboring business neglected to pay their bill since they opened six months ago.  Apparently they didn’t think they needed to pay anything since, as they claim, they haven’t received a bill.  We can’t get electricity until their very large bill is paid.  Crazy.  

In addition, we’re trying to get hooked up to the city’s water system.  Only to make that happen, we have to find a receipt that is at least twenty years old and in response to a law that is forty five years old that the previous owners paid some kind of bill.  Our landlord doesn’t have this receipt.  So now it’s being tracked down by the financial advisor of the previous owner (thankfully, a friend of ours).  

Our contractor fixed our bathrooms.  Only he forgot to connect it to the sewage line.  So it all had to be redug up and done all over again.  Only now there’s a leak in an old pipe below the bathroom – no fault of our plumber’s, just happens to be below us and leaking into the neighbor’s place.  Yes, it must be dug up for a third time and retiled for a third time.  You know, they make other materials than cement…

Who knew that we would have to delay opening because our neighbors don’t pay their bills, the bathrooms have to be redone three times and a twenty year old receipt that can’t be found.  


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