Dancing Queen

I’ve lived in the Middle East for awhile now. I have studied the language, learned to play the music, and appreciate the art. Oriental dancing, however, alludes me. I grew up in America, so I never learned to make my hips do whatever it is that they’re supposed to do in oriental style dancing. My … More Dancing Queen

Gym Rats

I recently joined a gym. I’ve discovered that I need a trainer yelling at me to push harder in a class in order to get a descent workout. So I joined a ladies only gym with lots of classes to choose from. Although definitely different from my body pump or spinning class in the States, … More Gym Rats


Until I moved to this country, I always took public transportation. More than once I worried for my life. Especially when trying to convince the taxi driver that lights are important after dark and they don’t use any more gas. Or when they’re trying to convince me that going to their house to meet their … More NASCAR