White Caps and White Knuckles

The last few months have been a bit on the crazy side. Four continents in three months has a way of exhausting not just the body, but the mind and heart. So it was time for a prayer retreat. Thankfully, the Holiday Inn at the Dead Sea was on sale and I could use points to pay for a couple of nights knowing that the quiet tranquility of the sea in January was just what I needed. So I joyfully packed my bag with all the essentials: journal, iPad for reading and a few apples and I left the dreary, rainy capital city behind me for the sunshine of the valley.

I’ve been here a number of times. I love gazing at the beauty of the sea as I journal, sketch, read and pray. I feel so close to God as I contemplate the glass-like calmness of the Dead Sea, so different from the Mediterranean or any place on the ocean. I wasn’t prepared for what I would find when I got here: high winds and white-capped waves. And I am reminded that God is all that is peaceful and calm. But God is also wild strength that can create waves in the deadest of seas.

As I considered this, I watched the dust from the desert swirling. I am like that dust: moveable, unattached, changing constantly with whichever wind current happens to catch my attention at the moment. And I am like those white-capped waves, unable to control myself, but moving with the winds of emotion.

But God is sovereign. He is the rock underneath the dust, unmoveable. He is the moon that guides the waves according to his choosing.

So I choose to relinquish my meager control to the sovereignty and strength of God knowing that he is good. I chose to hold on to him white knuckled and with a fierce determination that refuses to let go.


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