Adventures is Government Documents

Today my husband and I went with a national who helps us with government documentation to get our drivers license.  He told us to block out 4 hours for the process.  I brought a book in addition to all our paperwork.

First, we had to go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to get a waiver against a written and road test since we already have a valid US license.  After three offices and a little waiting, we had some sort of document signed, stamped, and in hand saying we could continue the process.

Now to the giant complex made of about 8 different buildings that houses everything related to vehicles.  Start at building one, window one.  We walk in and I instantly realize I’m the only woman in the room.  We’re then sent to a side desk where we’re told to go to building 4 then 5 and then the doctor before coming back.  At building 4 we go to the “mudeer” (head guy)’s office where he has to sign something or other.  No idea.  Stamping, signatures and we’re on our way again.  Now to building 5, which was not next to or across from building 4.  Here they check to see if we have any tickets in the States.  Honestly, I was totally shocked that this was even possible.  He runs my name, sees that I’m ticket-free, looks at my husband and says, any for you.  He responds negatively.  The guard shrugs, signs the papers and sends us out with a nod.  Now to the “doctor.”  He tells me to sit on a chair and shows a sequence of letters, in English.  I read the three letters, he signs my paper and we’re off again.  Back to the second desk where we give them our pictures and they sign more papers.

Now I go and sit down knowing that the next part will take awhile.  There was a little discussion when we learned that the license fees went up 300%.  We wait, I read, while our licenses are made.  Because people don’t trust the mail and a lot of people don’t even have a mailbox, it’s all done right there and handed directly to our hot, little hands.

I can now legally drive in the country.  Yay!  Next order of business: buy a car.

So what are you experiences in getting government documents?

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