I live in a communal society.  Not a commune, but a community.  This was evidenced today as I walked behind three lovely young ladies.  They were dressed in the conservative fashion of my area: a long coat over stylish clothes and a decorative head scarf.  Accessories were just so.  And as they walked down the sidewalk, they walked side by side, with arms linked and holding hands.  My first thought as I watched them enjoy each others’ company was how much fun these close friends were having at that moment.  My second thought was about how strange it is that I don’t think it’s strange to see two women holding hands with fingers interlaced.  My third thought was that I’m thankful to live in such a close-knit society.  Then I remembered that time I hid in the back of my apartment from my neighbor because I needed some alone time.  Community does have its drawbacks for the introvert.

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