The Call to Sacrifice

Early every morning, the local muezzin begins his call, asking all those who hear him to pray.  I’ve lived here long enough now, that it doesn’t usually wake me up anymore.  However, this morning was a little different. The call was markedly louder than usual and the usual muezzin was replaced by someone very talented in his singing/chanting.  Today … More The Call to Sacrifice


I live in a communal society.  Not a commune, but a community.  This was evidenced today as I walked behind three lovely young ladies.  They were dressed in the conservative fashion of my area: a long coat over stylish clothes and a decorative head scarf.  Accessories were just so.  And as they walked down the … More Community

Life on Mars

I’m sitting on my balcony overlooking all the tiny people below.  They’re scurrying around like determined ants.  Soldiers are hustling up to the base nearby.  Despite the heat, a few brave, fully-covered women march into the stores below in preparation for the day’s meals.  White-capped men wander into the mosque across the street as the … More Life on Mars