A Lesson in Hospitality

Arabs bring the concept of hospitality to a whole new level. I thought I understood what it meant. And the I moved into my new building. Just because I lived in the building, my neighbors considered me a friend. It started with a simple knock on my door. I was being invited to tea withe the family across the hall. The extent of my Arabic was how to tell a taxi to get to the few places I knew. So, we sat drinking tea and eating sweets while we exhausted my entire vocabulary and they painstakingly pointed to things to tell me what they are in Arabic. When I left I assumed I’d never hear from them again. It was that excruciating. But the next day another knock came with an invitation for more tea. They quizzed me on the words they taught me the day before and tried to teach me more. And so began one of the most beautiful friendships I’ve ever had.


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